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Environmental Legal Blogs
Developments in environmental law

Environmental Laws and Regulation

U.S. Code Search
United States laws - the source of the regulations

The Code of Federal Regulations
Implementing the United States code

California Legislative Information
The source for California law

A great site covering all aspects of the California Environmental Quality Act

Governmental Agencies

U.S. EPA Region 9
The EPA region that includes California

California Environmental Protection Agency
The agency implementing California environmental policy

The California underground storage tank reimbursement fund

California Coastal Commission
Friend or Foe? 

South Coast Air Quality
Management District

Orange County Health Care Agency

Santa Ana Water Board
California Water Quality Control Board - Santa Ana Region

Los Angeles Water Board
California Water Quality Control Board- Los Angeles Region

Environmental Technical Information

State of California database of data and information from LUST and other environmental sites.

Test Methods: SW-846 on-line
Detailed information on EPA-approved laboratory test methods

California Drinking Water Standards
The source for California drinking water contaminate level guidelines

USEPA Preliminary Remediation Goals
Risk-based soil cleanup guidelines

Earth Science Organizations

Geological Society of America
Professional Geologists Association

The American Association of  Petroleum Geologists

US Geological Survey
A great wealth of geological information

National Ground Water Association
A great source for information regarding groundwater contamination, evaluation, and clean up

American Geological Institute

California Geological Survey

The American Quaternary Association

Miscellaneous Sites of Interest

California Elephant Seals
See elephant seals up close in their natural habitat by Hearst Castle

How Stuff Works
Learn how everything works! A fascinating site

Museum of Unworkable Devices
An interesting survey of various unworkable devices through history, principally perpetual motion machines

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