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This section of our website presents some of the non-work-related things with which we are involved.  Gaston and Associates management and staff agree that there is indeed a larger world than our offices, conference rooms, and buildings.  There are people in need, even right in our own neighborhoods or nearby communities, and we all have the ability to be helpful to someone in some way.  There are struggling teens in Santa Ana who just need a reliable adult to care.  Our local assisted living facilities are filled with elderly people who need a friend and someone to talk to.   The challenge is to make the decision to be outward-focused.

There are a myriad ways that we can all ‘get involved’ and get the focus off of our own needs, concerns, and worries, and help someone else.  I know by experience that by re-focusing myself onto someone else, my self-centeredness tends to drift to the background and my so-called problems are put into a more realistic perspective. 

All of this can then be taken to an even more expansive level by looking outward beyond even our neighborhood, city, or state and out across the globe.  We include some of our experiences on trips to New Orleans to help with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and also a bit of what we are considering…getting involved with a trip to Africa.  Many of our friends have been to various countries in Africa, Sri Lanka, China, the Ukraine, and other far away places…to help and serve the local people. 

I encourage you to decide to do something helpful.  Make that decision to move in the direction of serving others.  I promise you that you will never regret it.