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Introduction: June 2008
As you likely know, I have been very much involved with the effort at Mariners Church in Irvine to help the people of New Orleans after ‘The Storm”, as the locals there call it. My wife Claudia and I have been to New Orleans several times and found the experience of going there to help people in need to be a very meaningful and rewarding experience in many ways. One of the things it has done is help change our focus to look outward and consider other ways in which we could get involved in the lives of people in need in other countries.

Well, we have recently been asked by the Mariners Church Faith Adventure Leadership Team to join a group of about 25 volunteers on a short-term trip to Honduras later this summer. The trip will be from July 25th to August 2nd…it’s going to be nice and warm! The itinerary will take us to the business center town of San Pedro Sula in the northwest part of Honduras. From this base of operation, we will work with a local church (Primera Iglesia Evangelica Reformanda) that has invited us to assist with several anticipated projects including small business training workshops, providing some basic medical assistance, helping people in a local re-hab center, and helping outfit schools in two small villages. One thing that it looks like I will spearhead as a specialty team leader will be an “environmental” group that will evaluate options to improve (or create) a clean, reliable drinking water supply system for the village of Chotepe. I know a little bit about groundwater…

Additional information will be added as it develops.