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WORLD Magazine

Outside the Community Center

Tutoring at the Minnie Street
Community Center

Will Gaston was interviewed for an article that appeared in the 9/1/07 issue of World Magazine.  The article was about the Lighthouse Community Center on Minnie Street in Santa Ana and was a part of a collection of articles (Profiles in Effective Compassion) presented to survey various ministries and charitable endeavors across the country.  Click the cover of the magazine below to read the article and get a further glimpse of the work that goes on every day at the Community Center on Minnie Street in Santa Ana

Lighthouse Community Center on Minnie Street in Santa Ana .

Since the Fall of 2006, Will Gaston has been a tutor to junior high school kids at the Lighthouse Community Center located on Minnie Street in the heart of Santa Ana, California in one of the most densely populated areas in the United States.

Approximately 90% of the residents are Latino immigrants and 10% are Cambodian.  Historically, Minnie Street has been known for its high crime rate, devastating poverty, and a high dropout rate. However, progress has been made because the residents have taken action to improve the situation. The Lighthouse Community Center is actively working with the residents to restore this at-risk community. The center is building relationships that work to educate, empower and develop leaders.

The Community Center opened in 1996 and provides a safe and caring place for people of all ages to learn, grow, pursue their dreams, and realize their potential educationally, socially and spiritually.

Will says: “The stated purpose of my assistance as a tutor is to help the kids with their homework.  However, over time, I have gotten to be friends with some of the kids, gone to parties with them, gone to their band recitals, and have found them all to be just wonderful and adorable.  I see the teens helping raise their younger siblings. They help their parents to get by.  It’s all very humbling to see their dedication to themselves and their families in such a tough environment and it’s inspiring to watch them simply live their lives seizing the opportunity for the hope of a better future.”

Kids visiting a clothing design studio/factory